PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The move toward adding a ‘South Portland’ designation to the Rose City takes another step Thursday with testimony on the plan at the Portland City Council meeting.

The sextant, as it’s called, would carve out a slice of the area mostly alnog the South Waterfront to become its own designation, joining North, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest Portland. (Those 5 are the quadrants of the city, even though “quad” refers to 4 parts because, you know, Portland.) 

The public outreach began in February with a mailing to property owners in the affected zone and has included a number of open houses. This will be the first time the issue is in front of the City Council and will include testimony.

A vote is expected next week.

Why this is proposed

The plan, under development by the Portland Bureau of Transportation, would change addresses east of SW Naito Parkway. PBOT said the eastward curve in the Willamette River is the reason the east-west addresses in that area begin with a zero. The zero is what differentiates them from addresses west of the dividing line.

About 8% of Southwest Portland addresses are in the area which includes a zero as the lead number in their mailing address.

This residence — with the leading 0 in the address — is one of about 5000 addresses that may change from Southwest Portland to South Portland in a long-term plan announced March 1, 2018 (KOIN)

Those addresses cause confusion with 911 dispatchers and emergency responders, plus Google Maps and delivery of packages to certain homes. Residents in the area say they have a hard time getting everything from mail to a pizza.

Areas like Lair Hill, Corbett, the South Waterfront, Johns Landing, parts of Marquam Hill are included.

It would take about 5 years to implement beginning in 2020 and would change about 5000 Southwest Portland addresses to, simply, South Portland.

KOIN 6 News will have more information later in the day.