Citizen group votes on PPB protest training recommendations

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Recommendations now go to full CRC for a vote

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Citizen Review Committee, studying how police should handle protests in Portland, is getting closer to releasing recommendations.

Wednesday night recommendations were voted on by members of the Citizen Review Committee Crowd Control & Use of Force Workgroup on how to better address protests.

“Now that we have solidified what their recommendations are, we are going to make those couple of tweaks in there that we talked about, the summary, etc., all the notes that we mentioned,” said CRC Chair Candace Avalos.

The group surveyed community members in 2020 and used much of that data to create the report.

During a Wednesday workgroup session, one of the biggest topics of discussion centered around anti-bias and de-escalation training and how many hours of training to recommend.

The group was considering a recommendation that “PPB must provide anti-bias and cultural competency traning for at least 1 out of every 5 hours of mandatory training, or 20%.”

That prompted discussion in the workgroup.

“It’s my opinion,” said CRC member Taylor Snell, “that they don’t get enough of this and I think until PPB’s arrest statistics start reflecting the demography of the city of Portland, this should be a priority. And I think 1 out of 5 articulates that point.”

Avalos said the 20% is a value more than anything.

“It’s less about what the actual numbers are and it’s more like we heard from all these people,” she said. “We’ve seen the disparities. We think that this needs to encompass 20% of your training.”

“There needs to be an emphasis on de-escalation, more of an emphasis,” said group member Barbara Christiansen.

Another recommendation centers around the public reporting of training procedures, including that PPB release more detailed reports of all training procedures to the public.

Also in the list of recommendations: a permanent ban of the use of CS gas for crowd management control.

But that’s just a small portion of the wide-ranging protest report that will eventually be available to the public. The next stop: a vote by the full Citizen Review Committee.

“The whole CRC needs to vote on it officially in order for it to be a document of the CRC,” Avalos said.

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