PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A former maintenance manager for Tandem Property Management says he was retaliated against and ultimately fired after ordering a test that showed there was asbestos at a Southwest Portland apartment complex.

Jason Eaton told KOIN 6 News he was fired Wednesday, months after discovering asbestos during renovations at the Commons at Sylvan Highlands complex. Eaton said he directed an employee to get the building material tested, a process which he said showed there were unsafe levels of asbestos.

Eaton said he will be joining a lawsuit filed by two other former employees, Khataun Thompson and Alyssa DeWeese, claiming their jobs were wrongfully terminated after the asbestos was discovered.

“They’re always talking about doing the right thing and having integrity. That is what I’ve done since day one about this,” Eaton said. “And I suffered because I have integrity.”

Eaton said that minutes after he participated in Oregon’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigation to determine whether there was asbestos on site, he received two inaccurate write-ups about his work performance. Eaton said prior to discovering asbestos, he was promoted twice and received multiple awards for exemplary work.

Eaton said that even after a test showed there was asbestos at Commons at Sylvan Highlands, an executive asked him to continue work on the project.

“I sat there and thought about it, and I told [the vice-president] no,” Eaton said. “I do not feel comfortable being in there. We have zero training [on how to handle asbestos].”

A Bureau of Labor and Industries complaint filed by another former employee, Haley Neilson, confirmed Eaton’s account of his treatment. The complaint states that after the OSHA investigation, vice-president of apartment operations Tonya Tiedemann “began to bully and threaten Eaton, creating a stressful work environment for Eaton and the rest of the staff.”

Neilson’s complaint also states that she spoke with OSHA, and an officer “confirmed that asbestos had been found in unit 416 and that management had been notified weeks prior.” Neilson said in her complaint that the OSHA employee told her that all staffers and tenants were supposed to be notified.

Previous reporting by KOIN 6 News revealed that tenants at the Commons at Sylvan Highlands property had not been told about any possible exposure to asbestos found on the property during renovations.

Oregon OSHA would not confirm whether or not they had definitively found asbestos on the site, as the agency’s investigation is still open and ongoing. Aaron Corvin, speaking on behalf of the agency, said investigations typically take 4 to 6 months to complete.

The state’s Department of Environmental Quality also has an open investigation into Tandem Property Management. Spokesperson Laura Gleim said the agency had asked Tandem Property to provide proof of a mandatory asbestos survey that should have been completed before construction work was begun.

To date, Tandem Property Management has not produced that evidence. The company’s leadership has not responded to KOIN 6 News’ multiple requests for an interview.

A complaint seeking a class-action lawsuit on behalf of the residents of Commons at Sylvan Highlands who may have been exposed to asbestos has been filed.