PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — In the wake of George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis in May 2020, the Portland City Council allocated millions of dollars less to the Portland Police Bureau. Now it looks like City Hall may be ready to re-invest in the bureau.

Going into the Fall Budget Monitoring Process, Commissioners Dan Ryan and Mingus Mapps told KOIN 6 News they each support more money going to PPB. Mayor Ted Wheeler also said he is in favor, seemingly providing 3 of the 5 votes on the city council.

On Wednesday, Wheeler released his budget with more money for PPB. His proposal also includes nearly $3 million for body cameras and $1 million to expand the Portland Street Response unit.

Ryan said he “absolutely” supports more officers for public safety. “The mayor’s proposal talks about 25. I’ll look at that and then we’ll figure out how we can go forward.”

“I want to reduce gun violence in the city of Portland by 20% over the next year,” Mapps said. “Next, I want to see at least 1000 fewer people sleeping in tents on the sidewalk a year from now than we see today.”

Along with adding officers and growing the Behavioral Health Unit in PPB, Mapps also supports body cameras, expanding the PS3 program and expanding the Portland Street Response unit.