PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland’s independent charter commission is expecting to make recommendations on changing the city’s form of government and how residents should elect a new city government next month, but it’s not too late for residents to let their voice be heard.

Sign-ups for public comment are still open for the commission meeting slated for Monday, Dec. 13.

Once the commission makes its recommendation, it could go straight to the November 2022 ballot or be referred to the Portland City Councill, which could then send it to voters.

The charter review is a two-year-long process in Portland and if 15 of the 20 members, or 75%, are in favor of a proposed amendment, it will go directly to voters.

However, if only 10 to 14 members vote in favor of a proposed amendment, it will go to the City Council, which can then edit and decide whether or not to send to voters.

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