Portland protesters: ‘Mayor keeping the police on a leash’

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A small group protested in front of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler's house

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A small group of protesters gathered outside of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s house on Saturday.

The event was organized by Portland’s Liberation in response to protests that took place June 29 in downtown Portland. Clashes broke out between opposing political groups — including Portland’s Liberation, Proud Boys and Rose City Antifa — and 3 people were arrested.

Portland’s Liberation blames Wheeler for a lack of police intervention during last month’s demonstrations.

Right-wing protesters outside of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s house, July 20, 2019. (KOIN)

The group released the following statement ahead of Saturday’s protest:

“Andy Ngo, an unbiased journalist, was maced, punched, kicked, publicly humiliated, and had quick dry cement laced milkshakes dumped on him by Rose City Antifa, a Marxist Domestic Terrorist organization. This is outrageous, as law enforcement had the ability to intervene, but chose not to, due to the Mayor keeping the police on a leash close to him. This leads us, as Portland’s Liberation, to believe that the time for community self defense organizations has come, to keep the people of Portland safe from both Marxist domestic terrorists, as well as the impotent Mayor of Portland and his city council who have proven again and again that they do not hold the will of the people in their hearts, and instead choose to appease domestic terrorists who they fear.”

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