PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Many people in Oregon are experiencing a bit of sticker shock after learning how much they owe in property taxes this year.

Several people who spoke with KOIN 6 News this week said they’re seeing 10% and 11% increases and they want to know why.

Leila Ghodsi who lives in Portland said her bill went up more than $700 compared to last year. She posted about it on Nextdoor and received more than 500 comments from people who were shocked at their own property tax increases.

Many Portlanders are also expressing frustration over what they’re paying for and cite the increased number of homeless camps, trash and gun violence. Ghodsi said she’s been concerned about those issues and, on a personal note, she’s been trying to get a street light installed in her neighborhood for more than four years without success.

“Every year my property taxes have gone up and I haven’t seen any improvement, not only personal — like my street or city, or street light, or sidewalk, or any of those — but I don’t also see any improvement in the community, like the number of homeless, have increased and garbage all over,” she said.

On top of the 3% per year tax value increase, the Multnomah County assessor said there are seven new voter-approved bonds and levees driving up the tax rates. These include several school bonds depending on a resident’s location and taxes to improve parks and libraries, among other measures, all of which are explained in the 2021 Property Tax Statement Guide.

Anyone with questions about how their tax money is being spent should ask their individual tax districts about their budgets.

KOIN 6 News has asked the office of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler about the portion of property taxes going to the City of Portland and concerns about the state of the city, but has not received a reply.