PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Two groups looking into Portland’s form of government and city council elections want to hear from you.

The subcommittees are part of Portland’s charter commission, an independent commission comprised of 20 Portlanders whose role is to review the charter and recommend amendments to City Council.

Those recommendations can require voter approval or administrative changes can be made without.

This process happens once every 10 years.

People can provide comment on preferred city government, how bureaus should be managed and how city councilors should be elected – among other topics. Comments must be submitted online by 8 a.m. two business days before the public meeting.

Sofía Álvarez-Castro, the commission’s engagement and communications coordinator, told KOIN 6 News back in July that she has been compiling public comment reports for commissioners to review.

“As comments come in, we have a system where we track them,” explained Álvarez-Castro. “If they’re on behalf of an organization or not, the type of comments, if they’re asking for information or submitting feedback.”

The next meeting with public comment will be Thursday, Sept. 23.