PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The anonymous written comments staff members of the Portland Police Bureau provided after an LGBTQ policy training session shows many rejecting the whole training.

KOIN 6 News obtained the feedback for the online training video titled, “PPB LGBTQAI2S+ and Queer Policy – Introduction and Training.” The document includes a wide variety of feedback, from positive responses to complaints about technical issues.

But many used blunt, direct language to register their response. Among them:

“I will never ask anyone for their preferred pronouns. This woke agenda is insane. I guess it’s time to resign like everyone else.”

“With policies like this, we are creating a natural playground for psychopaths and other bad actors.”

“Biggest takeaway is that the people that make decisions within the police bureau are Marxist ideologues trying to destroy the bureau.”

One of the most common responses include anger with a Black Lives Matter sign seen in the training.

“I find the use of the house with a ‘Black Lives Matter’ poster in the window highly inappropriate and offensive. … No officer or member should be forced to accept a violent political organization’s agenda or it’s representation to prove that they care about ALL people.”

KOIN 6 News reported last week PPB Chief Chuck Lovell hasn’t responded over the anonymous responses because the intention of the survey was to get honest responses in order to gauge the work the bureau has to do.

“It is always our goal to build relationships and PPB is committed to treating people from the LGTBQIA2S+ community respectfully and appropriately,” Lovell said in a statement. “PPB is doing everything we can to prepare and equip our members to have improved relationships with this community.”