PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A new affidavit sheds light on a deadly hit-and-run in Gresham last Wednesday.

On Thursday, Donald Troy Bighaus was arrested in a hit-and-run incident that left one person dead behind Rosemary Anderson High School.

Through interviews, surveillance videos, and talking with detectives, prosecutors allege that Bighaus intentionally hit his victim, Buck Marshall.

Court documents say that on Wednesday, August 3, Bighaus went to the alley behind Rosemary Anderson High School to smoke marijuana after having been at a golf tournament all day, drinking 4-5 beers, and having one more drink at a strip club in Gresham.

Bighaus told investigators that he first encountered Marshall, whom he says he had never met before, behind the school. Bighaus says he offered Marshall a knife that he had made and the two talked about smoking together. When Bighaus asked for the knife back, the fight started.

Security videos show Marshall attempting to run away on his bike, but Bighaus got in his van and reversed down the alley hitting Marshall and running him over multiple times.

Bighaus is being charged with Murder in the Second Degree, Felony Hit-and-Run, and Unlawful use of a Weapon.