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PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A 100-car pileup caused by wintry conditions will keep a large portion of I-84 in eastern Oregon closed until about midday Tuesday, the Oregon Department of Transportation said.

I-84 is closed both east and west between Exit 216 (east of Pendleton) and Exit 265 (La Grande.) The westbound lanes are closed between Exit 216 and Exit 374 (Ontario), officials said.

The crash happened around noon near milepost 230. All the crashes were along a mile-long stretch of I-84 with the largest crash possibly involving up to 20 vehicles.

There is no word on any injuries at this time.

Because of the weather conditions and the sheer number of damaged vehicles, many people are unable to drive away from the scene. Those people are being transported to the Pendleton Convention Center at 1601 Westgate in Pendleton, where they can be picked up.

Three busloads of stranded motorist were taken from the crash site earlier. ODOT said most drivable cars and some semis were routed to Pendleton or La Grande. But there are still “several dozen crashed semis and passenger vehicles” still on I-84.

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ODOT officials said the sheer volume of vehicles that still need to be towed will keep the freeway closed until at least noon Tuesday, possibly later.

However, the eastbound lanes may be reopened late Monday. Emergency responders and tow trucks are using the eastbound lanes to get to the crashed vehicles.

“Westbound travelers stranded in Ontario are encouraged to stay there until the freeway opens” Tuesday, ODOT said.

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