PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland police say the tow truck driver who struck a different tow truck driver on the side of the Banfield Freeway on Sunday has been identified thanks to local news coverage.

The injured tow truck driver was released from the hospital Wednesday and is recovering at home, according to the Portland Police Bureau.

PPB received a call on Monday from a man who said he might have been involved with the hit-and-run after seeing media coverage of the incident. An investigator determined that the minor damage to the driver’s black 2019 Ford F350 tow truck was consistent with the crash.

The driver told police that he had been blinded momentarily on I-84 due to a tarp from another vehicle landing on his windshield. The man claimed that he heard a thump, but couldn’t tell what had happened. He said that he took the next exit to remove the tarp, but didn’t know if he hit anything.

Police say they updated the case file and notified the injured driver. There have been no arrests or citations and PPB is no longer seeking information on the involved driver.