PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Gunfire rang out in Gresham early Friday and sent one person to a hospital, officials said.

Gresham police responded to the shooting on NE Division near Paloma Avenue just before 1 a.m. Friday. Police said the shooter was driving when they fired multiple rounds at a nearby home and injured one person.

The victim reportedly suffered a minor injury and was taken to a hospital.

Gresham PD said the suspect or suspects may have been driving a silver Pontiac Grand Am.

Authorities said they did not have any more information about the suspect or what led up to the shooting.

Natalya Polyakov, who lives nearby, told KOIN 6 News her husband woke up to the sound of gunfire.

“It’s horrible, it seems to me they were just shooting, just because,” Polyakov said. “He told me, ‘I think I heard some shooting outside last night.’”

She says when they lived in southeast Portland, they would hear shootings all the time and they were the victims of crime.

“In our old neighborhood, we were robbed multiple times,” Polyakov said.

Now that they live in Gresham, they worry about violent crime spilling over from Portland into their neighborhood.

“That’s why we’re concerned coming here, we heard so many good things about this area,” Polyakov explained.

Richard Waterworth, who also lives in the neighborhood, noted “usually this is a pretty quiet neighborhood, in fact, I was out here flying kites yesterday.”

According to Gresham Police Department, there has been an increase in shootings in the last few years. The police department reported 108 shootings in 2020, 176 in 2021 and 155 so far in 2022.

The Portland Police Bureau told KOIN 6 News they are working in partnership with Gresham police and the FBI to help solve these shootings.