PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Two men were arrested after an explosion occurred inside a marijuana lab.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office responded to a fire in the South Kings Valley Highway area outside of Dallas on May 27. Deputies learned the fire was a result of an explosion that took place at an illegal marijuana extraction lab that was inside a greenhouse.

Over the next six days, detectives executed multiple warrants at the site. Authorities seized lab production equipment and evidence, along with illegal marijuana products. One of those products was a shipping container filled with illegal marijuana product. There were also numerous jars of finished Butane Hash Oil, estimated at a value of $100,000.

Jameel Fabela, 29, and Joel Nielsen, 21, were both arrested and charged with Arson Incident to Manufacture of Cannabinoid Extract in the First Degree and Unlawful Manufacture of Marijuana Item.

The Oregon State Police, State Fire Marshal’s Office and Polk County Public Works all assisted the PCSO during the investigation.