PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A man accused of stabbing a fast food worker at an Aloha eatery was captured by a Washington County K9 hours later on the second floor of a house in Cornelius.

Samuel Eigal Pacheco III allegedly stole food from a customer at the Gyro House on SW 205th around 7:30 p.m. Sunday. When restaurant workers confronted him about the food theft, Pacheco allegedly stabbed one of the workers several times and threatened to stab another, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said.

Pacheco ran out of the restaurant before deputies showed up. But around 1 a.m. they learned he was at a house in Cornelius. Tactical units and crisis negotiators arrived at the house, but Pacheco refused to come out.

A K9 was sent into the house, found the 36-year-old and caught him. Officials said Pacheco was treated for a minor injury after being bitten by the K9.

Investigators said more charges are likely as the case unfolds. At this time, Pacheco is being held in the Washington County Jail for attempted murder, robbery and unlawful use of a weapon.