Attempted robbery victim warns others near Washington Park


The victim says her mind went blank when a man pulled a gun on her and demanded money

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A woman who says two men tried to rob her at gunpoint in Southwest Portland is now warning others to stay alert if they’re walking near Washington Park. 

Lindsey, who did not give her full name due to safety concerns, said a man jumped out of a car near Southwest Fairview Boulevard and Southwest Kingston Avenue at around 7 a.m. and pulled a gun on her, demanding money. There was another man in the car. 

She said she was surprised how brazen the men were. 

“Everyone knows what they are going to do and thinks that they’re well prepared and all that kind of stuff, and I’m just, I’m telling you, when that moment happens, it just – you kind of go blank,” Lindsey said. 

She said she had picked up her sister’s dog and was walking it around the Japanese gardens in Washington Park, near a busy intersection, when the car drove up and pulled a U-turn on Southwest Rutland Terrace. 

The driver then parked just ahead of her and someone inside appeared to ask for directions. Lindsey said she had her headphones in and was typing an email at the time. 

By the time she realized they meant to harm her, the passenger had jumped out of the car with a gun and was demanding money. 

“He started yelling at me to put my phone down… I opened my arms and started backing up. It was a strange moment. Everything went super quiet and he kept screaming at me, ‘Put your phone down! Put your phone down!’ And he screamed at me, ‘Give me your money!’ And I paused and I don’t answer him. I scream back, ‘I don’t have any money! I have my credit card and a phone. That’s it,’” Lindsey said. 

She said after that, the other man gestured with his head and the gunman jumped back in the car and they drove away. 

Lindsey said the men were white, maybe in their 20s, with broad shoulders. One had on a red sweatshirt and was wearing a black bandana mask. The driver was also wearing a mask and what looked like a parka. He had a hood or collar pulled over his head and face. She said they were in a blue or silver-colored car from the late ‘90s or early 2000s. 

The license plate was removed, but she said the car had a distinguishing feature. There was lettering on the trunk and Lindsey could make out a potential “D,” “O,” “U” and “H.” 

Portland Police Bureau says it’s investigating the incident. 

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