Editor’s note: The court document referenced in this story contains disturbing allegations. 

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A court document released Tuesday evening says the owner of Dream Girl Espresso bikini barista coffee shop in Hillsboro would require women who applied for jobs to come to his house where he pressured them to undress, told them to masturbate and attempted to rape them. 

Jeffery Scott Hebner, 61, is currently held in the Washington County Jail on 26 charges for various sex-related crimes, including first-degree rape, first-degree sexual abuse, first-degree sodomy, strangulation, commercial sexual solicitation and more. 

The court document filed Tuesday by Washington County Deputy District Attorney Erin Brady asks for a court order to hold Hebner in custody. 

“This Court should not release this defendant because he has preyed upon particularly vulnerable young women within the community for years… There is a danger of physical injury or sexual victimization to the victims or members of the public if the defendant is released,” the document states. 

Hebner appeared in court Wednesday, Feb. 8 and a judge denied the request to hold him in custody. His bail amount was set for $700,000. If Hebner posts bail, he’ll be released with a GPS monitoring device.

According to the court document, the charges Hebner is accused of involve eight separate women and occurred between 2015 and 2022. Since the case has been pending, 14 more women have contacted law enforcement . 

When the Hillsboro Police Department announced Hebner’s arrest and the crimes he faces on Jan. 31, they said there could be more victims. 

The most recent victim in the charges Hebner is accused of is 19 years old, the court document states. She told investigators that on Nov. 30, 2022, she went to Hebner’s home for what she believed was a job interview at the coffee stand for a bikini barista position. 

According to the court document, when the woman entered Hebner’s home, he locked the door behind her and began explaining that the job required baristas to serve what he calls “naughty coffees,” which involved the baristas undressing and masturbating for certain amounts of money. 

Hebner then told the woman to undress so he could see what she looked like and told her to perform for him as she would a customer, the court document states. The woman told investigators she felt trapped and afraid of what Hebner would do if she didn’t obey.

At one point, the court document says Hebner offered her shots of liquor and lines of cocaine, but the woman declined them both. 

The court document says Hebner forcibly touched the woman, tried to rape her and offered to pay her to have sex. 

The woman reported Hebner to authorities the same day, after she left his home. 

According to the court document, other women reported similar encounters. Some said they were raped while they were physically helpless after Hebner fed them alcohol and cocaine at his house, the document says. 

The district attorney’s office believes the alleged assaults occurred between 2015 and 2022. 

“These sexual assaults have had profound impacts on each of [the victims’] lives,” the court document says. 

Before the most recent victim came forward, the court document says law enforcement was already investigating the Dream Girl Espresso stand and had obtained surveillance video of the “naughty coffee” acts on video. 

According to the court document, some women said Hebner would frequently visit the stand and order his own “naughty coffees.” 

KOIN 6 News requested a statement from Hebner’s attorney. He did not reply before the deadline. If a statement is received at a later time, this article will be updated. 

Hebner is next scheduled for a case management hearing on Feb. 21.