PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Shop owners in the commercial areas of Alberta, Hawthorne, Division and East Burnside are saying they have been targeted repeatedly by burglars using blowtorches to break in.

Video obtained by KOIN 6 News shows two men dressed in all black, masks and gloves melting the protective film on the glass of a jewelry store window with a blow torch, which was first reported by The Oregonian/OregonLive’s Zane Sparling.

Eventually, they were able to crack the window, break inside and steal thousands of dollars in merchandise in less than two minutes.

The shop’s owner said they weren’t desperate thieves — they were absolute professionals.

“I feel like we’re screaming into the void, like ‘do something!'” said Lisa Mangum, owner of OKO. “It feels like leadership doesn’t appreciate what small business brings to this city.”

Mangum said there’s a real sense of lawlessness — from the district attorney to police to city leaders — and inaction puts a huge financial burden on small business owners who want to give up.

Meanwhile, the Portland Police Bureau has continually said they are severely understaffed and unable to do the relevant detective work right now.

Mayor Ted Wheeler issued the following statement:

“Portland businesses have been through enough. We’re navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic, an uncertain economy, staffing and supply-chain shortages, while also dealing with break-ins and vandalism. Any criminal burglarizing Portland businesses must be held accountable for their thoughtless and destructive actions.”