PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Shots fired at an apartment complex in Salem led to the arrest of 3 juveniles and the discovery of a number of guns, including an AR-15 style weapon, police said late Saturday.

The gunfire around 4:15 p.m. sent one bullet into a neighboring apartment in the 2400 block of Coral Avenue NE, officials said. The neighbor told police the shooting happened after what they said sounded like an argument.

Apartments were evacuated as police responded to the scene. An adult who lived in the apartment where the shots were fired arrived and allowed police to enter.

Authorities said 4 juveniles came out. As the apartment was cleared, the weapons – a shotgun, a long rifle plus that AR-15 style weapon — were found.

Three teens — 14, 14 and 16 — were arrested and taken to the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center. They all face unlawful possession of a gun, unlawful use of a weapon and reckless endangering. One is also charged with theft by receiving.

Their names are not released because they are juveniles.

No one was hurt in the incident. The investigation is ongoing.