‘They didn’t take our lives’: Couple on walk robbed in Tigard


The suspects left in a navy blue Ford pickup truck, police said

TIGARD, Ore. (KOIN) — A couple was robbed while walking home from dinner Tuesday evening in Tigard, police said.

Margot Meehan said she and her boyfriend were on a date. They had finished dinner in downtown Tigard and were walking along the Fanno Creek Trail when the evening took a terrifying turn. Meehan said they were hanging out under a streetlight when she felt the need to glance behind her. That’s when the couple saw a pickup truck pull to a hard stop where the trail meets SW Grant Avenue.

“These two like small Hispanic guys jumped out of the car and were yelling at me specifically to drop everything and I just kind of froze,” Meehan said.

One of the suspects wrenched Meehan’s purse off of her and yanked a lanyard off her neck that was holding her car keys. She said the men threw the couple’s phones into the bushes and ripped off Margot’s glasses.

“My boyfriend was trying to fight them and grab the purse away from them and the keys and they ended up kicking him down into a ditch that was close by and beating him up,” she said.

While they were beating her boyfriend, the suspects ordered Meehan to walk away. Thinking the men had a gun, Meehan obeyed.

“They had told somebody else in the car I guess to ‘shoot, shoot, shoot’ when my boyfriend started fighting them,” she recalled.

Meehan said one of the men followed her as she was walking away.

“He was still yelling at me and I was saying ‘I’m walking, I’m walking,'” Meehan said. “The worst thought that came through my head when the guy was following me was he’s gonna take me away from the truck and try to sexually assault me or something.”

Meehan said a woman driving by stopped and asked if she was okay.

“I told her ‘no’ but I didn’t approach the car ’cause I didn’t want the guy to shoot me or shoot her,” she said. “One of the guys started running towards the car ’cause she wasn’t leaving and so I yelled at her to drive, so she did.”

The men eventually left. Meehan said the woman in the car called the police and came back moments after the suspects took off. Meehan called her an angel and said she’s incredibly grateful for her help. She said she’s thankful no one was seriously injured — but said the emotional wounds will take time to heal.

“It’s really shocking, I’m not sure I’ve quite processed everything just yet,” said Meehan. “When the guys got out of the truck, I thought they were going to kidnap us. I’m just really glad that they took stuff ’cause it’s replaceable and they didn’t take our lives.”

The suspects’ truck is described as a navy blue Ford F-150 or F-250, model year 2010-2012, with tinted windows. It may have had a canopy.

One suspect is described as a Hispanic man, 40-45 years old, between 4-feet-11 and 5-feet, with a stocky build, thick black hair and thicker lips, police said. He was wearing a red t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

The second suspect is described only as having a short and stocky build.

Meehan said the men stole her wallet with all of her credit cards, her ID, her vaccination card and prescription sunglasses.

“You move to a new place and you look at the crime statistics and you’re like ‘that’s never going to happen to me,’ you know? You stick to safer areas, you stick to well-lit places and you’re like ‘nah, this is fine.’ Like you know, this is what other people have to deal with — and then it happened to us,” she said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Tigard Police Tip Line at tips@tigard-or.gov or 503.718.COPS. Tips can be left anonymously.

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