PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A delivery driver pleaded guilty on Wednesday to sexually abusing three 9-year-old girls.

The Washington County District Attorney’s Office said Alejandro Negrete was convicted of first-degree sexual abuse, first-degree attempted sodomy and two counts of public indecency. 

Negrete allegedly exposed himself to a 9-year-old girl in July 2021 after he offered her candy and she refused. The girl reportedly ran off screaming and told her father about the incident.

According to officials, the 25-year-old suspect tried to flee but was found nearby and admitted to sexually abusing the girl and others.

After his admission two more families reached out to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to report their daughters, who were both 9, had also been sexually abused by Negrete.

“Cases like this are terrifying. The defendant used his position of public trust to gain access to children,” said Deputy District Attorney Rayney Meisel. “His behavior was escalating, and it appears he became emboldened when he wasn’t caught right away. We are so grateful that these young girls reported him, and that law enforcement acted quickly to get this man out of our community.”

Negrete was sentenced to 103 months in prison, is required to register as a sex offender and undergo post-prison supervision when he is released.

Investigators say there are likely more victims. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.