Dispatch calm amid chaos during Parkrose HS calls


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) –  When 911 calls were coming about the Parkrose High School armed gunman dispatchers remained calm and worked quickly and methodically to figure out the threat. 

Recordings obtained from Broadcastify show the ongoing conversations during the first 12 minutes between dispatchers and officers. 

Dispatcher:“Parkrose High School. We’re getting reports that at the tennis courts that a male just pulled out a gun and shot himself.”

Officer: “At the school”

Dispatcher: “We’re getting another caller reporting the same thing, that it looks like a teacher is yelling at some kids saying there is an active shooting at the school.”

Dispatcher: “Another saying there are no shots from inside the school.”

Dispatcher: “We’re getting an update now from a teacher on line saying she saw a male walk into a classroom with a shot gun.”

Dispatcher: “Saying he was struggling with security officers and they were in the fine arts building.”

Officer:  “I’ve a male down here I’ve been told by a teacher that it’s the fines art building right behind the baseball stadium. There’s a male here with a shot gun.”

Officer: “And I can smell what smells like a blast here at some point.”

Dispatcher: “This is possibly going to be an active shooter now at Parkrose high School. Gonna need more cars here.”

Officer: “Need rifle operator’s please, ask SRO to pick a location for arriving officers”

Officer: “We slowing moving eastbound along this arts wing.”

Dispatcher: “Copy, cleared the first classroom. Nothing in there.”

Dispatcher: “Copy, security guard may have the shooter.”

Officer: “Copy, can they let us know where that’s at please.”

Officer: “We’re going into custody right now.”

Officer: “Going into custody, copy. Can you give me location?”

Officer: “Coming out now.” 

Dispatcher: “Going into custody right now.”

Officer: “We’ll need to establish if there is just one shooter or multiple.”

Officer: “We have not confirmed that yet. We have been told by school staff that campus security has this person somewhere. We’re trying to locate that now.”

Officer: “We are being told there is no one injured in the school. And that this is the only shooter.” 

Officer: “Copy, campus security with the active shooter and in custody at the northwestern side of the building. The fine arts building. And no other active shooters.”

Officer: “We have the shotgun. A teacher went and recovered it. We have an officer with that.”

Officer: “I have the shotgun. I’m in the I.T. room in the fine arts building.” 

Police continued to search the school for any other suspects and set up a perimeter around the school. 

No one was hurt. The suspect — who was later identified as 18-year-old Parkrose High School student Angel Granados Dias — was taken into custody after being wrestled to the ground by Parkrose High football coach Keanon Lowe.

An armed officer stands outside Parkrose High School in Northeast Portland after the report of an armed gunman at the school, May 17, 2019 (KOIN)

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