PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Doctors are calling the rise of gun violence across the country a public health crisis.

Kathleen Carlson, an injury epidemiologist at Oregon Health and Science University, says these mass shootings are horrific and demand our attention.

She also said this issue should have our sustained attention, because people are getting hurt and dying every single day due to gun violence.

If we take the whole spectrum of firearm injuries and the whole pie, so to speak — and then we can break it up into community level factors, societal level factors or policies we can look at engineering of firearms and safety of firearms themselves. We can look at individuals and the mental or behavioral health of individuals,” said Carlson.

She said opening up the viewpoint and the conversation of gun violence from a multifaceted view is what will get us moving in a forward direction.

OHSU is beginning work that will study community level gun violence and track themes and trends, which they will then make available to the public.