Ducks players charged for airsoft shooting; victim speaks


The players are no longer suspended

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A man who Eugene Police said was shot at by two Oregon Duck football players is speaking out for the first time.

“I jumped down the middle of the road and that’s when they proceeded to try to run me over,” Leo Lewis told KOIN 6.

Police said that it turned out the weapon that DJ James and Jamal Hill used was an airsoft gun that shoots pellets, not bullets, but Lewis didn’t know that as his mind raced to figure out what was happening.

Lewis showed KOIN 6 where the incident happened on August 3 while he rode his 2 wheeled electric scooter at W 23rd and Willamette, less than a mile from the University of Oregon Campus. 

“As I was rolling up on my scooter to my house, this is where the first incident of them shooting at me with an airsoft gun,” Lewis said.

DJ James and Jamal Hill.

Both players are defensive backs and both got a lot of playing time last season. Initially, Lewis thought they were shooting at him with a small caliber gun.

“They were coming up behind me shooting because I heard it first. Boom, boom, boom, boom. And then I saw, I looked a little bit and I saw the glowing little BBs flying by me.”

After the players’ car turned, he cut them off on the next street.

“I was out in the middle of the road, yelling at them like stop. What are you doing? That’s when they proceeded to swerve at me, I jumped out of the way they started going again. I was yelling at them, yelling at them. They stopped both doors opened up and on the driver’s side, more of those glow in the dark BBs started coming at me.”

Eugene Police said two other people reported the same thing happened to them.

On Friday, KOIN 6 learned both players are no longer suspended from the team, though the criminal case remains open.

“After consulting with campus and our administration, both Jamal Hill and DJ James have been reinstated for practice purposes. And they will not be available for the Fresno St. game,” Oregon Ducks Head Coach Mario Cristobal told reporters.

Both players are facing charges of reckless endangering, disorderly conduct and unlawful discharge of a firearm. They are scheduled to be in court on September 7 for a hearing.

Lewis, who was shot in the leg, would like to see them punished.

“Something has to happen to them. You know, I would hate to see them to lose their scholarship and everything over that, but you know, they could have really hurt somebody. I don’t know how bad the guy who got hit in the face, how bad his injuries were. But, I definitely could’ve wrecked on my scooter and you know, all it takes is one hit on your head and you’re dead,” Lewis said.

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