PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — More than 3 years after Annastasia Hester was slain in her Gresham apartment, her ex-husband now stands officially indicted for soliciting and conspiring to kill her.

Matthew Hester was arraigned in Multnomah County District Court Wednesday on 4 charges: one count of solicitation to commit murder, 2 counts of criminal conspiracy to commit murder and one count of hindering prosecution.

Angela McCraw-Hester 11.16.17_552465
Angela McCraw-Hester, 2017 (KOIN)

His current wife, Angela McCraw-Hester, was arrested in October 2017 and charged with actually killing Annastasia. She was arrested in Pocatello, Idaho, where she lived with Matthew Hester.

Her trial is set to begin in October 2019. She’s facing 2 counts of aggravated murder and one count of burglary.

Unsealed indictment

The indictment against Matthew Hester, which was unsealed Wednesday, alleges he solicited Aaron McCraw to kill his ex-wife, that he agreed with Aaron McCraw and Angela McCraw-Hester to kill Annastasia and that he concealed, altered or destroyed evidence that would have implicated Angela in the murder.

When Angela was arrested in October 2017, Matthew was also arrested for resisting and obstructing.

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KOIN 6 News is working to learn who Aaron McCraw is.

In a statement to KOIN 6 News, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office said: “At this point, there are no court documents for which we can comment upon with regard to the relationship of Aaron McCraw to Michael Hester and/or Angela McCraw-Hester.”

Annastasia Hester was able to call 911 for help on June 10, 2016, but she died at the hospital from her injuries and was too severely injured to tell police who attacked her.

annastasia hester b 06092017_471636
Annastasia Hester, seen in an undated photo with her daughter, was killed in 2016 (KOIN, file)