PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A SE Portland family who was targeted in a second attack at their home says someone tried to set their house on fire two weeks after vandals struck.

Authorities are looking into whether the same people are behind both attacks.

The family is beside themselves, dealing with broken windows and the fear of it happening again.

“I’m always paranoid and looking over my shoulder or checking my parents’ house to see that it’s all right,” said Mackie Duong, whose parents live in the home.

In the security video, which can be seen here, two people dressed head-to-toe in black take what appears to be a gas canister up to this home in SE Portland’s Centennial neighborhood.

The men seem to struggle to get the canister open, but once they do, they start pouring the liquid all over the front of the house.

Duong said he got a call from ADT about the broken window at his parent’s house. He checked his parent’s ring camera and saw the alarming video. He immediately called his dad to alert him.

“They threw the whole fuel container in here and then they tried to throw some stuff that was lit up on fire in here. But then dad was here in time to deflect it,” he said.

Police and fire officials confirmed they responded to the scene to collect evidence.

“They called the arson detective and the detective said, ‘hey, you’re lucky that you didn’t catch on fire because there was so much gas,'” Duong said.

Duong and his family are on edge because just two weeks ago, on Aug. 1, they filed a police report after three people also dressed in all black vandalized the house, busting up the front door and porch light.

Duong believes the person behind the attacks on their family is his wife’s stalker. In both surveillance videos, a person is wearing the same black pants with a white stripe. Video of the Aug. 1 incident can be seen here.

Meanwhile: the Portland fire investigator told KOIN 6 News this is a serious and complex case and that they won’t comment on this open investigation.

If you have any information about these attacks — or recognize the people in the surveillance video by their clothing — report it to Portland police and fire investigators.