PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Terry Bean, the longtime Democratic fundraiser and gay rights activist who was embroiled in a sexual abuse case years ago was re-indicted on those charges in Lane County.

Bean was indicted January 4, 2019 on 2 counts of sodomy and one count of sexual abuse stemming from alleged incidents in September 2013.  He pleaded not guilty Thursday on all 3 charges.

The original lawsuit against Bean was dismissed without prejudice on September 1, 2015. Bean and his former boyfriend, Kiah Lawson, were accused of sexually abusing a teen in Lane County in 2013.

The alleged victim did not show up to court that day in 2015. “Mr. Bean, you’re free to go,” Lane County Judge Jay McAlpin announced.

However, because the lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice, Bean could be retried if the alleged victim decides to testify at a later time.

It’s unclear what prompted the Lane County prosecutors to refile charges.