PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A man is facing a second-degree murder charge after a reported stabbing on Monday near Northwest Glisan Street and Northwest 3rd Street in Portland’s Old Town neighborhood.

On the scene, officers found a man, identified in court documents as Scott Harbin, lying on the ground bleeding.

Blanchet House staff told KOIN 6 News Harbin is homeless and over the last couple of weeks he had been sleeping on the sidewalk outside Blanchet House. Staff said he was sleeping under a tree outside when he was stabbed.

“He’s in the ICU, it was a brutal and devastating attack. His injuries were described to us as life threatening,” Scott Kerman, executive director of Blanchet House, said. “Our residents were the first to respond, we had a resident who ran out there and provided first aid, called 911.”

Spencer Kilpatrick faces an attempted second-degree murder charge for the attack. Portland police say their Neighborhood Response Team and bike squad arrested Kilpatrick on Wednesday.

According to court documents, Kilpatrick had blood on his clothing when he was arrested. Officials said when detectives showed Kilpatrick images of someone wearing the same clothes as him at the crime scene, he denied it was him, but then said “just take me. I know what I gotta do.”

Many of the victims of homicides in 2022 have been homeless.

“In February, James Wise who was living on a tent on 3rd Avenue, was brutally murdered, in an attack very similar to this, that seemed to unprovoked and kind of random,” Kerman said.

According to Portland police, homicide detectives arrested 21-year-old Elijah Williams shortly after Wise’s death and booked him on second degree murder charges.

In May, police arrested Wyatt Storm Belcher after they said he shot and killed Ash Marie Smith at a drum circle on the esplanade.

Detectives told KOIN 6 News Belcher and Smith did not know each other, and her family said at the time, she was homeless.

While Harbin recovers in the hospital, Kerman said it is important to remember he’s a unique individual with likes, dislikes, a routine, and a life of his own.

“When we think of Scotty, we think of him in his black high heeled boots. He was very confident in those shoes. And when he dressed himself up, he took a lot of joy and pride in that,” Kerman said.

KOIN 6 News is working to learn Harbin’s updated condition. Police say they applied a tourniquet when they arrived to try and save his life.