PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A man who reportedly drove toward a line of officers during a 2020 Portland protest and refused to stop his car was sentenced to 18 months probation, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced Thursday.

Thirty-one-year-old Timothy Swales was convicted of felony eluding and reckless driving. He also had his license revoked.

The verdict stems from July 2020, when over 100 protestors blocked traffic off East Burnside and Southeast 47th Avenue. The group was instructed to leave by Portland police officers but did not cooperate. Officers formed a line and began to walk towards the group to move them when Swales approached in a car behind them.

According to the district attorney’s office, officers ordered Swales to stop but he continued toward the officers and group, finally slowing but lurching forward several times before stopping completely. Once stopped, officers attempted to enter the car to apprehend Swales, who threw the car in reverse at about 30 miles per hour.

Swales attempted to turn around, but a responding patrol car struck his vehicle to stop it. An open container of alcohol was found inside Swales’ car, and the incident was captured on video.