PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A man was shot to death in broad daylight Wednesday near a pizza place at NE Sandy and 118th Avenue.

Jolan Yoakum in an undated photo provided by the family on May 12, 2021.

Family members identified the victim as Jalon Yoakum.

The shocking shooting in the 11800 block of NE Sandy Boulevard happened in an area where several people were going to pick up some dinner from a local pizza place and barbecue place. This incidence of gun violence touched many members of the community, including Pastor JW Matt Hennessee.

“Tonight we find ourselves in the same unfortuante situation that we’ve been in for awhile when it comes to gun violence. I have been a concerned citizen for a while about what we need to do to come together as community and to really be able to handle conflict better,” said Pastor Hennessee.

The person who died is someone close to the pastor’s family.

“Tonight I find myself for the first time actually being very close to the person that lost their life tonight. This is one of my family members and it is concerning. It is very difficult and it is very heartbreaking and it’s very hard to realize that,” Hennessee said.

Witness Robert Jones said he heard 12-14 shots before seeing 2 cars speed away.

“Maybe a grey car and a white car, most definitely a white car, and they pulled up like criss cross and the guy that was standing there, they jumped out of the car and just let him have it and they jumped back in and took off like it was nothing,” Jones said.

He said he believes the victim may have been targeted. “It didn’t seem like a random drive-by,” he said.

The gun violence in this area of Northeast Portland has left a devastating impact on the community, Jones said.

“I think it was earlier this year there were 4 or 5 murders that happened along down this street, crazy- a guy got shot and killed at Adams Corner Market, the old hotel down there, a guy got shot and killed. Just craziness,” he said.

“My condolences and respects to the family.”