PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Three Eugene police officers were injured while trying to break up a house party with as many as 200 people Saturday night, ending with one person being arrested and others ticketed.

The “unruly gathering” of college-age people and “some of their parents” brought police to the house, 1376 Ferry Street, around 10 p.m., Eugene police said. When police arrived the crowd began to leave, but some partiers “and their mothers” began taking pictures in front of the police car, “displaying their middle fingers.”

With the partiers now in the street, officers tried to clear the road. Authorities said one man, William Maxwell Crever, refused police orders and punched an officer in the face as he was being taken into custody.

Crever’s parents were among those who tried to stop the arrest, officials said. Backups were called to the scene to help disperse the crowd, along with the Lane County Sheriff’s Office, Springfield Police Department, and Oregon State Police.

Crever, 21, was booked for assaulting a public safety officer plus 2 counts of assault, interfering, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Between 2 and 5 others were ticketed for noise and unruly gathering. A teenage girl was cited for being a minor in possession.

In a statement on Sunday, Eugene Police Chief Chis Skinner said, “This situation is out of control.”

He noted that just 2 weeks ago there was another raucous street party that included parents and college-age people. Skinner said this marks the second time officers were called to help “an out of control party.”

The 3 officers hurt Saturday suffered minor injuries.

“I’m frustrated and angry with the blatant disregard for overall community safety and the lack of respect these students and parents showed our community and public employees.”