PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Authorities have identified the woman who allegedly stole a trailer of firearms parked outside a hotel and led police on a chase down that shut down I-5 Tuesday.

Angelina Nicole Pintor-Schindler, 19, was arrested after police say she crashed into several cars on the I-5 Bridge and continued to flee on foot into Vancouver.

A St. Helens business had brought the guns for a show at the Portland Expo Center. On Monday morning, the owner woke and saw people stealing the truck and trailer — with three dozen guns and ammunition in the back.

“The lady got out, and walked with her dog. Then the gentleman went over to the truck, got into the truck and ripped the ignition apart very rapidly. It was only a few seconds before the truck and trailer were in motion,” said Julie Zielke, the owner of the guns and truck.

Police say officers caught up with the woman on Tuesday. Dashcam video shows the moment the driver later collided with other cars while trying to get to the bridge.

The crash shut down all northbound lanes of the highway and caused a traffic jam that lasted hours. It was not immediately clear if the guns and ammo were still inside the trailer once police took the suspect into custody.

Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are investigating the case and they say the trailer has been recovered, but authorities can’t yet open it up to look for the weapons.

“ATF has applied for a federal search warrant,” said Officer Jason Chudy with the ATF’s Seattle Field Division. “Once that search warrant is issued, we will actually be doing a search of that vehicle and hopefully we’ll find the firearms that we’re taken.”

Investigators say the truck attached to the trailer at the time of the crash — while also stolen — was not the one taken from the Oxford Suites hotel.

Pintor-Schindler is in federal custody and she has been charged with theft from a federal firearms licensee. The search is ongoing for the stolen white Ford F-250.

KOIN 6 News’ Joelle Jones contributed to this article.