PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Police have released new details after a teenage boy was shot at the Salem Center Mall on Friday afternoon.

According to Salem police, two groups of teens were heading outside after an argument broke out. As the groups were leaving the building, one teen allegedly pulled out a handgun and fired it at a boy from the other group.

The bullet reportedly grazed the boy’s head. As medics tried to treat the injured teen, officials said he and his friends were “very uncooperative and interfered.”

By the time officers arrived at the mall, police said the teen who fired the shot had already run off, along with his friends.

The injured teen was taken to a nearby hospital, which had been placed on lockdown.

While the hospital was under lockdown, a group of teens allegedly approached an officer who was clearing the emergency entrance. When the officer tried to explain the security measure, authorities said the teens ignored his commands, and one of the teen’s parents became “confrontational.”

It’s unclear how the teens at the hospital are related to the situation.