PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Several shootings in public places in Portland over the last few days are a stark reminder of violence reaching a near record-breaking pace.

On Friday morning, a man was killed at a bar in Northwest Portland and two other people were injured. Then, someone was shot a bus stop and three people were shot at a bar in Northeast Portland on Sunday morning.

In Northwest Portland, Tyler Cadham is concerned about the increase in violence. He saw the scene of the shooting at Silver Dollar as he was dropping his son off at school on Friday morning.

Tyler Cadham wants Portland leaders to step up and do something about the escalating gun violence, September 27, 2021 (KOIN)

Cadham penned a letter to Mayor Wheeler, and reached out to KOIN 6 because he wants to make sure city leaders hear what he has to say. He doesn’t think the mayor or other leaders are doing enough to get a handle on the issues happening across Portland, including homicides and crime.

“Not only are we dealing with the drug use and the homeless problem, but we’re dealing with now a murder. And it’s on the corner by my son’s school,” Cadham said. “That poor guy who died, he was just having a beer. Minding his own business, enjoying his friends. And he gets shot? Randomly? I don’t know what the city is going to do about this. It’s happening all over the city.”

The owner of Silver Dollar said the gunman wasn’t a customer, and said they shot through the front entrance. Police don’t believe the victim, 34-year-old Jacob Knight Vasquez, was the intended target.