PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Just three weeks into the new year, Portland police say the city’s homicide rate isn’t slowing down.

According to the Portland Police Bureau, there’s been 57 reported shootings, 19 people injured in those shootings and three people killed. Two of those fatal shootings took place early Friday morning.

Police were called to a deadly shooting around midnight in the Cully Neighborhood. Officers arriving at an apartment on NE 42nd and Prescott Street found a man shot to death. KOIN 6 News was told officers weren’t able to find the person or people who opened fire.

Two hours later, homicide detectives were called to another shooting, this time in the Montavilla Neighborhood at SE 85th and Taylor Street. Police say when they arrived the suspected shooter was on the scene and talked to officers. PPB Sgt. Kevin Allen tells says officers detained the man but ended up letting him go.

“At this time, no charges have been filed,” he said. “The job of the detectives is to work with the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office to determine if charges are appropriate and if so, what charges.”

Allen says for now, detectives aren’t releasing any more details on the shootings, including the names of both victims.

Portland police later announced that they had arrested Christopher A. Grohs, 38, in relation to the Montavilla shooting. He faces charges of second-degree murder and unlawful use of a weapon.

Allen also said homicide detectives are overloaded with cases and he stressed the need for witnesses or anyone with information about these cases to reach out to police or Crime Stoppers of Oregon.

“I have not heard about any plans to add any further resources to the homicide unit, at least in the near term. It’s no secret that we have a bit of a staffing crisis on our hands. We’re working our way through it and we are hiring more people than we’re losing right now,” he said.