PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Portland Police Bureau is reminding gun owners to not store weapons in their vehicles after receiving a spike in the number of stolen gun reports linked to stolen cars.

PPB Lt. Nathan Sheppard called it a “concerning” trend that officers are seeing.

“It’ll come as no surprise to anyone that right now, our city is grappling with the issue of stolen vehicles,” Sheppard said in a video posted to Twitter. “But in recent days, officers have come to me with another trend that’s very concerning — and that is the number of stolen gun reports they’re taking along with stolen vehicle reports.”

Sheppard did not elaborate in the video on the exact circumstances.

In late March, however, Portland police said they had recovered a stolen pistol with a Christian cross engraving on it during a mission to recover stolen cars. Two weeks later on April 11, Clackamas County deputies discovered a “trove” of illicit items including stolen cars, guns, pills, and newborn kittens, after investigating a tip about car prowlers.

Sheppard said to prevent firearms from getting into the wrong hands, gun owners should store them in a safe with a lock, if possible.

“More guns on the street, more stolen guns on the street is not something that anyone wants,” he said.

He called it a “small” action that could have a significant impact on the spread of gun violence.