PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Police say that a teenager was hurt early Sunday morning after a reported shooting at a bar in Portland’s Old Town.

There were many people out at bars celebrating Pride weekend when the alleged shooting happened. Some of the bars went on lockdown, concerned that the gunshots they heard were from an active shooter.

However, Portland police say the shooter was firing at a vehicle. The teenage victim, who was taken to the hospital, told investigators they don’t know why the guy shot at them.

Police said they were called to reports of gunshots along NW Davis St. shortly before 2 a.m. Officers found shell casings and learned there were two more reports of gunshots fired off in that area that allegedly came from the same suspect.

Raymond Hill, the owner of a private security company that handles security for several bars in the area, said he heard gunfire from what he believes was a military-style weapon and immediately sprung into action, moving about 100 people who were outside into one of the bars.

“We were rounding up pretty much the whole block as we could,” Hill said

He said they kept everyone inside for 30 to 40 minutes, enough time for police to secure the area and ensure there was no shooter around. PPB says they have yet to make an arrest.