PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Several arrests were made as authorities cleared private property in North Portland early Tuesday morning — where people had reportedly been trespassing for months.

Around 5 a.m., The Portland Police Bureau assisted the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office in re-securing a home in the 4400 block of North Mississippi Avenue, which occupants had been previously told to vacate by court order. Police blocked off surrounding streets and coordinated with surrounding private property owners in the area, who secured their property with boarding and fencing in anticipation of the clearing. Officers were able to safely secure the area within minutes.

The PPB says people have been trespassing on the property and inside a home for about three months.

The Multnomah County Circuit Court issued a writ of execution for eviction at the home back in February. Months later on September 9, MCSO deputies served the court order to those camping at the address. Time was given to the occupants to gather their things and they were provided with housing and shelter resources.

Since September 9, however, people continued to converge at the property and camp on the home’s front and back yards, as well as within the surrounding area. From September 1 to November 30, authorities received at least 81 calls for issues related to the property and in the area. Those calls concerned incidents such as fights, disturbances, shots fired, burglary, thefts, vandalism, noise violations, trespassing, threats, armed individuals and more.

“We understand evictions are challenging proceedings even in the best of circumstances,” Sheriff Mike Reese said. “I believe everyone should have access to appropriate housing.”

On Tuesday morning, those inside the residence were once again removed and were given housing and food assistance resources. Officials said several arrests were made and firearms were confiscated.

Those arrested include:

  • 41-year-old Charles Stubbs — Trespass II
  • 44-year-old Lester Wrecksie — Trespass II
  • 40-year-old Joshua Rodgers — Trespass II
  • 25-year-old Jonathan Lalej — Trespass II
  • 31-year-old Matthew Stewart — Trespass II
  • 43-year-old Christopher Wilkins — Trespass II
  • 31-year-old Nicholas Piochei — Trespass II, Resist Arrest

Streets in the area may be closed as authorities continue to work the scene.

This is a developing story.