PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Portland police are continuing their crackdown on retail theft with a sting operation in North Portland that has resulted in the arrest of five alleged shoplifters.

Working with the businesses at Jantzen Beach Shopping Center, authorities say they found several suspects and a stolen car filled with $2,000 of stolen items ranging from clothing to audio equipment.

Police say five people now face a range of charges from theft to trespassing and drug possession.

This is one of several retail theft missions by the Portland Police Bureau since December. In March, more than 30 arrests were made from a sting operation at Mall 205 and Gateway.

Lawmakers are also looking at upping charges to a felony if a thief recklessly endangers someone while stealing.

“When you have really focused efforts in Washington State and California on the effort of organized retail crime, what you don’t want for those repeat offenders… they think they can come to Oregon because no one pays attention,” said Amanda Dalton from Northwest Grocery Association.

Retailers tell KOIN 6 News they sometimes tell employees not to chase a shoplifter because they are worried about worker safety and liability.