EDITORS NOTE: One day after this story was aired/published, Michael Jordan got his car back, although he said most of his work materials were gone. Also, the stolen show dogs were found and returned.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Michael Jordan was getting ready to leave for his first day at his new job when he ran back inside his house in the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood for just a minute to grab his safety vest.

And just like that, his running car was stolen.

“I just ran in the house for a minute, not even a minute. And I heard my door close, I looked out my patio window, and somebody was pulling off,” Jordan told KOIN 6 News.

This Thursday car theft has one thing in common with a Saturday morning van theft: Both vehicles were running and unattended.

The Saturday theft of a Mercedes van from the parking lot of the Oxford Suites at Jantzen Beach took more than the vehicle. Four show dogs, crated and ready to go to the Rose City Dog Show at the Expo Center, were inside the van when it was taken.

“I don’t think they knew that these precious babies were in the back,” saidn Vandra Huber with McVan Scottish Terriers. “I think they either wanted the parts or the van, but they drove off.”

Two of the 4 show dogs missing after a van was stolen from the Hayden Island area of Portland, January 21, 2023 (PPB)
Two of the 4 show dogs missing after a van was stolen from the Hayden Island area of Portland, January 21, 2023 (PPB)

Jordan’s 2012 Mazda CX-9 was one of nearly 40 vehicles stolen in Portland that day. Police officials told KOIN 6 News 40 is not an unusual number.

“For years we have hovered at about 1000 cars stolen per month in the city,” PPB Sgt. Kevin Allen said. “We’ve been talking about this and encouraging people to take steps to protect their property.”

The most recent data from the City of Portland confirms more than 12,000 vehicles were reported stolen in the city in the year between October 2021 and October 2022.

At this time, neither the Mercedes van nor the Mazda CX-9 have been recovered. Jordan started a GoFundMe to help him recover his loss, but both he and Huber hope others may learn from their mistake.

“I think you just have to be extra cautious in this day and age,” Huber said.

“You got to pay attention to your surroundings, and just make sure that you turn your car off and take the keys with you,” Jordan said. “Even if it’s only going to be for a minute, because that’s how fast it took.”