PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A massive police response rushed to Legacy Emanuel after 4 gunshot victims arrived around 10 p.m. in what investigators said appears to be a gang-related incident.

The people were shot on Swan Island in an incident in which at least 50 bullets were fired, officials told KOIN 6 News. The conditions of the wounded are not available at this time.

Police arrived at the hospital just before 10 p.m., regarding a shooting victim who had arrived in a private car. Three other shooting victims arrived shortly afterward and a large group of people began congregating at the hospital.

Authorities told KOIN 6 News all available units were ordered to go to Legacy Emanuel. The Portland Police Bureau later said the “large crowd and emotional response to the shooting created a need for an increased response to restore order.” Officers throughout the city responded to diffuse arguments and fights reportedly taking place among the crowd.

At least 20 PPB officers were seen guarding the door to the hospital. An officer described it as an “extremely fluid situation.” PPB Lt. Greg Pashley told KOIN 6 News the situation was “beyond tense.”

“When officers got there they realized they had more than their hands full,” Pashley said. “There were confrontations between staff and people there, so someone called for all available units to respond.”

On Tuesday morning, the PPB said the situation had calmed down within minutes of their arrival. It wasn’t until 12:23 a.m. that all police were cleared from the area, however.

A crime scene was found at Swan Island, according to PPB. Due to the ongoing investigation, no other details have been released at this time.

The FBI confirmed an agent responded with PPB officers to the shooting scene Monday night.

Last week the FBI joined PPB to help quell what they said was an “imminent” threat of retaliatory gun violence from rival gangs.

FBI Special Agent in Charge in Portland Kieran Ramsey told KOIN 6 News he is aware the term “gang war” has been used, but he was cautious in how he described what’s happening.

“There is a cycle of violence that’s ongoing here, that is without question there are retaliatory acts of violence that are connected and that we can see through any number of shootings,” he said.