PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A targeted shoplifting operation on Friday ended with the arrests of 6 people, two of whom are from out-of-state, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said.

Investigators worked with security personnel at a Beaverton Target and watched people “actively shoplifting or engaging in other criminal activity,” officials said.

Thousands of dollars in stolen goods were recovered along with Oxycodone pills that “likely contained fentanyl.” Investigators said the shoplifters knew how to get around anti-theft devices, often worked in pairs or left their cars running in the parking lot for a quick getaway.

Three people from Portland were arrested: Onne Burton, 33; Anastasia O’Neal, 40; Nazario Bazan Jr., 40.

Joey Persinger, 29, of Sweet Home was also arrested.

Dylan Harrison of Austin, Texas and Seth Allen of Medina, NY were also arrested. Both are 29.

They all face theft charges. Burton, O’Neal, Harrison and Allen face drug charges. Persinger is also wanted on a probation violation.