PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — While Ann was at Parkrose High School last month running a camp for kids with disabilities, thieves stole her 2016 red Audi from the parking lot.

The theft was caught on camera and appears to be done by professionals who pulled up alongside her car in a stolen white SUV. They bashed the windows of her car and took off. Ann told KOIN 6 News she believes they used the valet key — an extra key in the glove compartment — to start the car and leave.

The entire crime took less than 30 seconds.

“They watched me pull into the parking spot and waited until I went in. And then they waited until other people were gone and drove around the row of cars and pulled in. And that’s where we saw the video,” Ann said.

Her car was found a few days later in Vancouver with drug equipment left inside. Ann has since bought The Club, does not leave a key in the car and added air tags for tracking.

Some car theft victims told KOIN 6 News they added relay switches so the car can’t be started without activating the switch remotely.

So far in 2023, Portland police said more than 4000 cars have been stolen in the city. More than 80% of stolen vehicles are recovered, but many have significant damage inside and out.

If your car or truck is stolen, PPB said to file a report. A Facebook group, PDX Stolen Cars, is a resource to report a theft and members have even found some of the vehicles that were stolen.

Since a renewed effort began to track down stolen cars, Portland police said the number of vehicle thefts is dropping — and arrests are increasing.