VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) — New details are still coming to the surface about the man who is accused of shooting 3 people, killing 1, in a Vancouver apartment building Thursday afternoon.

The accused shooter, Robert Breck, lives at the Smith Tower Apartments, a senior living facility for residents 62 and older. KOIN 6 News spoke with a friend of his who said he was shocked along with everyone else in this downtown community.

That friend, Johnny Moffey, said he believes the shooting was not random, and that the victims were targeted. Moffey has known Breck for about 4 years now.

“He had a lot of complaints against this guy that he shot,” said Moffey.

One person died. Crime scene tape and dozens of law enforcement personnel surrounded Smith Tower Apartments—all from what a resident said was a dispute between two men living in the retirement community.

“They had a little gripe going for quite a while, and I think Bob just got tired of it,” said Moffey.

He watched as his friend, the accused shooter, was escorted out of his home in handcuffs.

“He was a nice guy,” said Moffey. “Bob, he is a real nice guy. He didn’t bother anyone, but this one particular person was harassing him.”

As far as the other 2 victims, Moffey said he believes they were connected to the man that was shot.

“One of them was a lady, a health care provider,” said Moffey. “The other one was his girlfriend.”

Moffey told KOIN 6 News that the alleged harassment started a couple of weeks ago. Vancouver Police did not confirm a motive Thursday, nor did they release any details about the relationship between the 3 victims and Breck.

Randall Merriman, another resident of Smith Tower Apartments, said he knew one of the victims and walked into the lobby moments after those shots were fired.

“I walked into the lobby and saw 3 people on the floor, and I saw people administering CPR,” said Merriman.

While Moffey has known Breck for years, he said he never expected a man he called his friend could be capable of this.

“I never would think that he would shoot somebody,” he said. “He is not that kind of guy. I’m surprised just like everybody else.”

Following his arrest, Breck was lodged in the Clark County Jail on charges of murder and attempted murder.

Little is known about the 3 victims. Police said they are still working to notify family members Thursday night.

KOIN 6 New will continue to follow this story and publish updates as new information becomes available.