PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Hillsboro police arrested a suspect early Thursday morning that they said broke into two peoples’ homes and had outstanding warrants in Oregon and Washington.

The incident started when a homeowner called 911 just before 3 a.m., reporting that someone had stolen a bag of cans from their porch. While officers were en route, they got a call about a separate burglary happening at a home in the same area near Rosebay Park.

Authorities said they then set up a containment area and called in K-9s from the Tigard Police Department and Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Shortly after, officers approached a man who they said was intoxicated and refused to stop or identify himself. Police used a Taser on the man and then learned he was homeless and not related to the burglary, HPD said. They released the man, who was left unnamed, but cited him for interfering with a police officer.

While still checking the area, another homeowner called 911 and reported someone in their house — again in the same block, near the corner of NE Ashbury Drive and 65th Avenue.

Police converged on the area and arrested the suspect, who they identified in a press release as 24-year-old Steven Michael Trout but said also goes by Stephanie Trout.

Trout was taken to the Washington County Jail and is charged with burglarizing two occupied homes, attempting two more burglaries and stealing the bag of cans. Authorities said Trout was also wanted in Multnomah County for violating probation, in Marion County for unlawful use of a motor vehicle and in Washington for burglary and theft.

Hillsboro police asked anyone with more information to contact them at 503.681.6190 and reference HPD Case No. 22-11265.