PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Convicted killer Warren Forrest is now in the Clark County Jail and will make his first court appearance Monday morning to face charges he killed Martha Morrison in 1974.

Forrest has been behind bars since 1978, serving a life sentence for his conviction in the 1974 murder of Krista Kay Blake. Until now, he’s been inside a Walla Walla prison.

He’s suspected of abducting and killing a total of 7 women and girls on both sides of the Columbia River. One of those girls was Martha Morrison.


Prosecutors in Clark County recently issued a first-degree murder warrant against Forrest for Morrison’s killing. He is expected to remain in the Clark County Jail indefinitely, where his accomodations will be much less comfortable than at the Washington State Penitentiary.

At the penitentiary the food is better, there are more exercise opportunities and more internal freedom inside the walls than he will in the Clark County Jail.

At the jail, he will be held 23 hours a day indoors.

Forrest is also suspected in the deaths of these women: Gloria Nadine Knutson, Jamie Grissim, Barbara Derry, Carol Valenzuela and Diane Gilchrist.

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