PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Victims of a reported shooting outside of Bagdad Pub Wednesday night told KOIN 6 News they were targeted by people armed with airsoft guns.

As people were sitting outside Baghdad Pub along Southeast Hawthorne around 9 p.m. Wednesday, strangers began shooting airsoft guns at others, according to the Portland Police Bureau.

The victim, who preferred to remain anonymous for safety, explained “It’s extremely frightening to have someone pull a firearm on you whether it’s real or not.”

They added, “It was startling to be sitting there, minding my own business having a pint of beer and being shot in the face by an airsoft gun.”

The victim was shaken that this happened in the neighborhood, explaining “It hit me close enough to my eyes that it could have potentially done serious damage.”

Sgt. Kevin Allen of the Portland Police Bureau said, “They can cause pretty severe injury.”

He added “one of the real concerns about these types of guns is that some of them look very real.”

The victims described the suspect’s car as a black Volvo four-door sedan. While they said they were unable to catch the license plate, they hope other people or business’ surveillance videos captured the criminals.

Portland police have heard rumors about a trend on TikTok, called the “Orbeez Challenge”, where teens shoot at strangers with airsoft gel balls and post videos of it on social media. While police are concerned about this, they haven’t confirmed if it is happening in Portland.

If an airsoft shooting like this happens again, police ask everyone to be a good witness.

“Take notes of a description of the suspect, the suspect’s vehicle, if there is a license plate try to capture that,” Allen said. “Those details can really help us when we’re investigating these crimes, because it is a crime, we’re talking about injuring another person using a bb gun and it’s the real deal.”