PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A 26-year-old Tigard man is facing federal charges after allegedly threatening to carry out a mass shooting at a Sherwood elementary school.

According to court documents, Braeden Riess sent multiple emails to a federal agency on May 15 where he said he would shoot children at the school before killing himself.

Federal, state and local law enforcement officers, including the FBI, investigated Riess and Sherwood police began monitoring his home. Detectives arrested him at his apartment in Tigard on May 16.

Officials did not immediately specify which school Riess had named but said that administrators and parents had been notified of his arrest. The Sherwood Police Department confirmed he had targeted Middleton Elementary School in a post to Facebook later that day and said officers had gone to secure the school during the investigation.

Riess is charged with a federal crime of transmitting a threat in interstate commerce and in Washington County Circuit Court, six counts of first-degree disorderly conduct, a Class A misdemeanor. Under current state law, police said his alleged behavior doesn’t fit the bill for a felony charge.

If convicted, he could be handed up to five years in federal prison, three years of probation and a fine of $250,000.

Prosecutors said he admitted to sending the messages and owning a gun that was taken away by his parents several years prior. Sherwood police said they did not find any firearms when they went to search his home.

Riess was also given a court order prohibiting him from owning any guns, according to SPD.

The US Attorney’s office assured the public there are no known active threats to the school now.

He made his first appearance in federal court Friday and pleaded not guilty. He has been detained until returning to court in front of a jury for a three-day trial on Aug. 16.