PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A Seattle-area woman was arrested Tuesday with approximately $10,000 in stolen merchandise, and Tigard police said this isn’t the first time she has stolen.

According to police, Schama Lynce-Goree, 28, was arrested in connection to organized retail theft for stealing merchandise and then returning it for gift cards which are sold for cash.

On Feb. 28, detectives learned that Lynce-Goree had attempted to return stolen merchandise at Lululemon stores in Portland, Clackamas and Tigard.

After leaving the store in Tigard, the detectives pulled her over and arrested her on three counts of first-degree theft, authorities said. In her car, police said they discovered approximately $10,000 in stolen merchandise, $2,200 in gift cards and a replica handgun.

A passenger in her car, Sean’Janae Phillips, 25, was also charged with first-degree theft.

According to investigators, Lynce-Goree took over $7,000 in merchandise and threatened a store clerk at the Tigard Lululemon on Feb. 26, for which she now faces a third-degree theft robbery charge.

Authorities said that since Dec., Lynce-Goree has been connected to over $40,000 in losses at Lululemon stores in both Oregon and Washington.