PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The woman accused of defrauding more than 20 people was sentenced to 66 months in prison after pleading guilty to multiple charges, according to Washington County District Attorney’s Office.

Jobee Rene McCann pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree aggravated theft, one count of aggravated identity theft, two counts of identity theft and two counts of first-degree criminal mistreatment.

In May of 2021, officials say McCann was caring for a homebound woman when she was caught stealing. McCann allegedly stole the woman’s jacket which had the woman’s wallet and other identification cards inside. After the family fired McCann, officials say she returned the stolen jacket to a family member while dressed in a disguise.

Another one of McCann’s victims, a 70-year-old woman who hired her, reported that she had $60,000 stolen from her bank account, according to WCSO. The woman didn’t have any idea who the thief was but told her bank about the fraud, deputies said.

A local dentist’s office also contacted authorities and said they had suspicions about a woman posing as the 70-year-old victim who did a wire transfer of $60,0000 to try and get “major” dental work done.

Further, officials say McCann stole identifying information from a 93-year-old woman with dementia in early 2021, but the theft was not discovered until February 2022.

When McCann was arrested on Feb. 16, Washington County Sheriff’s Office said they found personal identification from multiple victims inside her home.